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Our Vision

From an amorphous dream to a concrete reality, what an amazing inaugural year it has been for Impact 100 NYC!  FOUR GRANTS totaling $147,000 made possible by our visionary founding members!

When we started IMPACT 100 NYC, we envisioned cultivating a community of women who wanted to give more than a monetary donation and fostering a culture of communal giving, volunteering and learning.  Starting from scratch was a challenge in and of itself.  Then came the pandemic, the lock down, the need for neighborhoods and neighbors to stay safe, feed their families and find hand sanitizer!  So, we called our families, our friends, our co-workers and former co-workers, our college roommates and so on and so on.  Women also found us: those familiar with Impact 100 from other cities, or saw a friend’s post, or knew a friend of a friend and were intrigued.  

Even in a year when coffees became calls and meetings moved to Zoom, the response was amazing!  On March 4th, we closed our Inaugural Year 147 women strong. What we thought would be an impediment, the pandemic’s ravaging of our city, became our clarion call for the needs and the work we could do to meet them. Nonprofits reached out in staggering numbers for a nascent organization.  

Four grant review committees vetted two rounds of deserving nonprofits, selecting four finalists.  And, with our grants, will continue to help New York City and New Yorkers overcome adversity and thrive.  And, we have already expanded our outreach and impact with the launch of nextgen, a high school program to cultivate a new cohort of philanthropists. 

Excitedly, we started to meet again in person – and can’t wait to meet ALL of you! 

Now, we are setting our sights on making (at least!) two $100,000 transformational grants to NYC nonprofits.  It’s time for you to reach out to your families, friends and colleagues to join us in making the biggest difference we can in the greatest city in the world. 

With gratitude,

Emily and Mindy

Co-Presidents, Impact 100 NYC

Impact 100 NYC, Inc. is incorporated in the state of New York and is a nonprofit organization exempt from federal taxes under U.S. Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible. Impact 100 NYC is registered with the New York State Attorney General’s Office to solicit charitable contributions and hold charitable assets in New York State.

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