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nextgen Leadership Council

Class of 2024

Kate (Manhattan)

I joined nextgen because it gave me the opportunity to make an impact in multiple ways. I donate my time while attending community service events and I contribute to our grant, doubling the amount of change that I am able to make. 

Jack (Manhattan)

I learned about nextgen through my mother who is an Impact100 member. The community aspect of our organization truly exceeded my expectations.

Diego (Brooklyn)

As a founding member, at the time I joined it wasn’t really in existence but just an idea. Collective giving circles were a brand new concept for me and it felt like a great way to really make a difference. 

Fia (Brooklyn)

I had 2 friends who were part of the founding team who told me about nextgen and the impact they were trying to make. I joined that day and became leadership a year later. 

Laila (Brooklyn)

During the pandemic, as a founding member, Impact 100 NYC nextgen was a compelling way to enact the transformative change that my individual resources alone could not achieve. 

Class of 2025

Rehaan (Manhattan)

I joined nextgen because I wanted to give to the community and learn more about nonprofit management and the grant process.

Vivian (Queens)

I joined because I believe that community service is so important with people my age and I believe nextgen is both such a great medium to do community service. Also, it is such a great way to meet like minded, and aged, individuals that appreciate community service. 

Lauren (Manhattan)

My brother was a founding member who encouraged me to join, which gave me a chance to engage in making a meaningful impact through our grants and community service events. As well as meeting other kids in the city in a pressure-free, open environment.

Ana (Manhattan)

I joined nextgen because I wanted to give to the community and learn more about nonprofit management and the grant process.

Jaden (Brooklyn)

I was introduced to Nextgen by a friend, I wasn’t too sure what exactly I’d be doing but I knew it was for a great cause. After my first event with Nextgen, I felt that I had made a difference in people's lives, which was more than enough to make me come to every event.

Class of 2026

 Rafael (Bronx)

I joined nextgen because I want to improve my leadership skills. I also would love to learn how to help lead an organization, especially a non-profit.

Sienna (Manhattan)

I learned about nextgen from my friends and thought it was a great community.

Summer (Manhattan)

I joined Nextgen because of my brother who was a member of the team. I am happy that I did because it allows me to help people in need, make a difference in the community, and learn about grant-making and fundraising.


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